A look through our history...

Where our journey to luxury began...
Our Van Hool T9 bodied DAF "Fearless", seen here wearing the number plate D6 LXE.

The simple yet effective application of our livery shows our commitment to traditional values, and gives a clear distinct image.


The 2nd vehicle to join our fleet was TC03BBC "Defiance"  a 35 seat Noge Catalan bodied MAN.  This coach is now resident in Cyprus.

Fearless and Defiance together, wearing our D6 LXE and D8 LXE number plates.


Another view of Fearless and Defiance together whilst resting in between duites.

L3CED "Dauntless" was our first high capacity coach, being a 70 seat Bova Futura.


After the departure of Defiance, we acquired "Conqueror" an Irizar Century bodied Scania.  We refitted Conqueror with leather seats with 3 point seatbelts for added passenger comfort and safety.

"Formidable" in name and appearance!
Our Irizar PB bodied Scania, unfortunately short lived due to changes in laws regarding access for the less abled on certain types of work.


Another temporary member of our fleet was this 49 seat Irizar Century bodied Scania, operated during a spell of higher than normal workload.

Another 49 seat Irizar Century bodied Scania, temporarily operated during a spell of higher than normal workload.


Our 1996 Daihatsu Midget II.  Imported from Japan this single seater was refurbished by ourseves as an advertisement vehicle.

We acquired 83 seat double deck buses for school & large group hires, but decided that the level of comfort our passengers deserve could not be met by these buses.


The two 83 seat double decker buses seen together here in our yard shortly before we disposed of them.

Our first wheelchair accessible coach was this Plaxton Profile bodied Volvo with 49 seats and front mounted wheelchair access lift.


Formidable, the two Irizar Centuries and the newly acquired Plaxton Panther bodied MAN with front mounted wheelchair access lift.

Our imposing looking Jonckheere SHV bodied Volvo, fitted with 53 leather seats with 3 point seatbelts and side mounted wheelchair lift.


The 1st replacement for the double deck buses came in the form of this 15m long Plaxton Panther, fitted with 83 seats with 3 point seatblets & front mounted wheelchair access.

Now named "Hercules", here we see our Plaxton Panther bodied MAN that features leather seats, 3 point seatbelts and wheelchair access.


Always having an eye on coaching heritage, we acquired "Tiger" a rare Wrights Endeavour bodied Leyland, originally a commuter coach in Northern Ireland, Tiger will be restored for special event hires, weddings and shows.

Hercules and Fearless resting alongside Tiger in our depot.


Seen on collection from the paintshop is our Jonckheere SHV bodied Volvo, looking resplendant in our striking livery.  This impressive vehicle is to be named "Indomitable".

To be continued.....